Project Management Group Limited


Contract Consulting

Project Management Group Limited provides Contract Consulting services to Employers, Contractors and Sub-contractors as follows:

  1. Contract Preparation
  2. PMG can advise the most suitable standard contracts for use on a new project and are skilled in the preparation of formal contract documents. Our experience on a wide range of contracts enables us to include appropriate clauses to deal with issues common on projects in the Caribbean region.

  3. Contract Review:
  4. PMG uses its extensive contract experience to review proposed new contracts to advise potential problems, unreasonable terms and unsatisfactory conditions and prepares reports for use by our Clients to help them negotiate fair and reasonable terms and conditions.

  5. Contract Consulting:
  6. On large and complex projects PMG provides on- going project support to ensure critical contractual issues are properly addressed in a timely manner and submissions are made in compliance with contract requirements.

  7. Claim Preparation:
  8. On request we prepare claims for extension of time and/or additional payment due to variations, additional work, delay and/or disruption and we ensure such claims are developed having regard to recent case law and with proper and appropriate substantiation.

  9. Programmes and Time Impact Analysis:
  10. If necessary, PMG can prepare GANTT or Critical Pather Network Analyses for new projects or by way of claim substantiation. PMG also prepares Time Impact Analyses frequently required to substantiate claims for delay, disruption and additional cost.

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