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Mediation & Arbitration

Most major construction disputes are settled in one of the following ways:

  • Amicable negotiation between the parties themselves.
  • Negotiation between the parties with the assistance of a Mediator.
  • Presentation to an Adjudicator or Arbitrator who makes the final determination.
  • Litigation between the parties in the Law Courts.

We have extensive experience in all the various ways in which disputes are settled and can provide services in all of the following categories:

  1. Preparing and presenting arguments for one of the parties in amicable negotiation. Benefit from our experience in contract law, the normal practices of the construction and civil engineering industries and our finely honed negotiating skills by having us on your side.
  2. We will consider an appointment as an independent Mediator in a dispute which may be capable of being resolved in this manner. A Mediator usually has no powers to enforce a settlement on the parties but his skill and experience can often result in matters being brought to a satisfactory conclusion.
  3. For Adjudication or Arbitration proceedings we would normally act either as independent Arbitrator or as Case Manager for one side or the other. Our previous involvement in a number of notable cases means we have gained a lot of experience in dealing with such matters and to take the necessary steps along the way to try and ensure that the Arbitration proceeds in a proper manner.
  4. If the dispute is to be settled in Court, our services may still be very useful in providing technical expertise to the attorneys or in the compilation, preparation and/or presentation of expert testimony.

Even before trouble arises you can still benefit from our experience and we are always willing to give an independent assessment of any particular situation. In most cases, if the problem is addressed properly at an early stage expensive Arbitration or litigation can often be avoided. If at all possible, please call us before things get really out of hand.

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